VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners

VELCRO Brand Industrial Strength Fasteners | Stick-On Adhesive | Professional Grade Heavy Duty Strength Holds up to 10 lbs on Smooth Surfaces | Indoor Outdoor Use | 15ft x 2in Tape, White

Brand VELCRO Brand
Color Tape
Material Nylon, Thermoplastic Elastomer
Size 15ft x 2in
Style White

$12.97 $23.61

Product Description

Industrial Strength Hold The VELCRO Brand Professional Grade Heavy Duty Fasteners feature a strong, superior hold for securing items indoors or outdoors. The superior holding power of these Industrial Strength hook and loop tapes is ideal for extreme conditions and for items that require a little extra holding power. Designed for use in a wide range of indoor or outdoor applications, the range of Professional Grade Fasteners provides an easy application with the security and peace of mind that items will be safely stored, securely affixed, and protected. Choose from a Variety of Industrial Strength Hook and Loop Options Whether seasonal items need to be stored in the garage or basement, tools hung in the outdoor shed, lights affixed in the outdoor patio, or toll transponder held to a vehicle’s dashboard, VELCRO has the solution for your heavy-duty needs. These fasteners are designed to maintain long-term attachment when they are infrequently opened and closed. VELCRO Industrial Strength Fasteners provide a secure and reliable hold for use at home, office, car, garage, or anywhere a stronghold is required.

From the Manufacturer

Industrial-strength Velcro tape is 50% stronger than conventional sticky-back tape. Allows you to fasten heavier items indoors and outdoors.

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